2010 - Drawing the Wave

In February 2005, only two months after the devastating Tsunami that hit the Indian Ocean, I visited the islands Dhaalu Meedhoo, Thaa Buruni and Thaa Madifushi.

These island communities had lost relatives, boats, homes, and most of their belongings in the Tsunami. When the big wave hit their islands, they fled for safety on rooftops and in trees. They climbed watertanks and telecom masts.

In this exhibition, the children from these three islands tell their stories from the tsunami through drawings.

I will never forget the sight of littered beaches, damaged houses and ruined vegetation. The familiar sounds of playing children, radios and TV and laughter was replaced by silence.

On my return to Norway, I designed and curated and exhibition of children's drawings and my own photographs from the journey to Meedhoo, Madifushi and Buruni. This was done in collaboration with Oslo University College.

The money collected by the students there was spent on replacing three computers in the Meedhoo school.

In 2005 and 2006 Drawing the Wave was exhibited in several institutions and museums in Norway.

For most Norwegians, the Tsunami scenarios they watched on TV were hard to believe.

The island children have managed to express their feelings of fear in a way that no TV documentary or photograph could capture.

I am delighted to bring Drawing the Wave back to the Maldives in 2010. Thank you for generously inviting me to the NCA!

A big thank you o the children of Meedhoo, Madifushi and Buruni, who are the artists of this exhibition.

Also, thank you to my family members who helped me to organize everything in February 2005.

-Ragni Afeef

From: 26 December 2010 To: 12 January 2011

At: National Art Gallery (New Premise: Block A, National Museum)