2010 - Contemporary Colours and Images from Bangladesh

It is indeed a matter of joy for me that such eminent painters from Bangladesh have come to maldives to participate in the Painting Exhibition, an important component of the Cultural Festival of Bangladesh that is being held in the Maldives.

The paintings on display have been brought to Maldives in collaboration with the Bangal Gallery of Fine Arts. They are renowned artists and promising young painters and provide a glimpse of the cultural vibrancy of my country.

Rich in colour, innovative in concept with celebration of the unusually sublime, these works of art will interest the people of Maldives.

The exhibition also includes a workshop on painting and an auction of some works art for donation for drug rehabilitation in the Maldives. These events will enable the youth and the people of the Maldives to value the cultural variety, diversity and creative heritage of Bangladesh.

It is hoped that the Cultural Festival will not only foster closer understanding between the two countries but also strengthen bilateral ties that already exists between us. Through appreciation of beauty and glowing variety of Bangladeshi culture let us all unite as friends.

I wish the Painting Exhibition and the Cultural Festival every success .

Prof. Selina Mohsin
High Commissioner

From: 26 May 2010 To: 3 June 2010

At: National Art Gallery, Male\'