Permanent Collection

These are works that were accquired or donated to the National Art Gallery Permanent Collection. We are currently uploading content to the site. More works will be coming shortly.

Artists presented in the Permanent Collection

Afzal Shafiu Hassan
Hussein Ali Manik
Adam Shareef
Ahmed Shujau
Ali Adam Manik
Hussein Afeef
Mohamed Madeeh
Hassan Ziyad
Sarudhaaru Dhon Manik

Blue TripletsYellow TripletsGreen TripletsBourganvillaFanganduKashikeyoPalm Tree Boava BoliKandu Adi BoliKandu Adi KalhuvenKandu Adi LandaaKandu Adi MadiKandu Adi MekunuKandu Adi Vaalan MasMaakanaaRaabondhiSagaafee HedhunCutting FishSilent ConversationHukru MiskiyLiving In Small Spaces 1ThaaraKaaniHukuru ElhiDrummerFishMahun LefunLifeRhythemic TwistTall ReflectionFishermanLandscapeLily FlowersNika Ga'sOld MaleFigure Series Banana WomenBodu BeruMarket placeIsland SceneTsunami