Aesha Zayo Hassan

Since I was a young child art has been an expression of my inner emotions and beliefs about the world and nature. My favorite medium is using colors and textures that reflect the essence of nature. In a world that is becoming materialistic and distant from nature, I try in my artworks to attract people back towards th simple beauties, colors, shapes and textures in nature that are so often taken for granted.

I am trying to share the simplicity of nature through my art in the hope that people will appreciate the natural wonders that surround them everyday.

I believe we need to employ these simple beliefs in nature to human society so that people can express the same individualities towards each other to enhance our respect of various races, religions and cultures.

The earliest forms of art were inspired by nature and inherent in forming cultural traditions and beliefs by linking the human world and nature, realizing that one was dependent on the other.

UntitledCircles of Life