Hussein Ali Manik

Hussein Ali Manik began painting at Majeedhiya School and later took lessons from senior Maldivian artist Sarudhaaru Dhonbe. A regular participant in arts and crafts fairs organized by the government, Hussain received several awards in various categories in these fairs including painting and printing.

Hussein's early career was as an illustrator for the Education Developement Centre (EDC), Male', illustrating textbooks for students and other government publications.

Since 2002 Hussein is also running his own gallery/studio where his work is on display adjacent the studio. Several of his works are owned by Maldivian collectors, housed in commercial enterprises as well as in private homes.

Hussein, whose primary media are oil, acrylic, relief work and cement, attended a SAARC Painters Camp in India and a George Keet Foundation International Artist Camp in Sri Lanka in 2002.

ThaaraBanana WomenBodu BeruMarket placeUntitledFor the Young Ones