Ahmed Shujau

The recipients of the presidents award for his many services for the visual arts, ahmed shujau has been one of the prolific artists of the country.

A student of the first art teacher of the Maldives, T.Swampillai (who taught for Majeedhiyya School for nearly three decades), Shujau was awarded the best all round artist for three consecutive years at secondary school. While at school, Shujau also participated in several other national level public art projects, making pavilions and portraits on formal occasions such as during visits by the state dignitaries.

While mostly working on commissioned projects, including bids for architectural projects and books illustrations, Shujau has also produced a significant body of paintings which are now housed in male' and in other countries as well.

LifeRhythemic TwistTall ReflectionWild Series - Octopus