Sabina Manik

More than a choice, writing and painting have been a necessity for me ever since I remember. When it came to choosing a profession, a profession, a short excursion to an Art’s Academy ended with the conclusion that, neither did I appreciate being guided in my artistic expression nor where the fine arts likely to ever offer me a fine living. I studied languages and became a translator instead. Alas, the same idea frustrated me; while it is a kingly act to make two people who share no language understand each other, all the translator does is, convey other’s words. Not his own. I wanted to go my own way; I started to write…and never stopped painting.

Alchemy Of DesireAll The Tides Of...A Prayer For ReunionBridge Of TearsBroken PrayersCloserEvery Leaf Of The TreeHoney Its Not ThatI Got To See You AgainKissth Not Me...Untitled 1Untitled 3Untitled 5Yaar Ko Hum Ne